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Monitoring online reputation

Monitoring online reputation

Monitoring online reputation has become a very complex and delicate activity because of the increasing complexity of the internet. New services and new trends appearing on the web can be new opportunities but, at the same time, can represent a source for potential criticality, if not handled in adequate time.

This is why the usual alerting free systems are not the best solution for managing a highly strategic issue.

Many years of experience in this area lead us to identify 8 reasons why it is so important having the support of a professionist:

1. Permanence of contents during time

A piece of information spread in newspaper can be reached very easily during a short lenght of time and has a very fast decline. A web content, on the other hand, persists and stays reachable for a longer time and it is always traceable thanks to search engines.

2. Huge volumes

At the moment, there are about 30 billion pages on web. Such a grand volume of pages to be monitore requests an informatics tool able to monitor web reputation constantly and timely.

3. Great dynamism during time

A few years ago the problem with the internet was related to information update; nowadays, thanks to 2.0 web technologies, the main problem is the actual opposite. The continuous growth and quit of web pages make necessary to monitor continuously the whole web and to do so and to make sure it is timely and effective, automatic systems are required.

4. The birth of Prosumers

Today each user can go over a passive role, becoming a content editor him/herself and therefore an active role player in communication (prosumer), no great money or skills required. Press media, on the other side, has always been professionals prerogrative. In web 2.0 there are many technologies that allow contents to become independent from the person who produces them, or from the site in which they are created. This aspect allows users to grab information from different sites simultaneously and to spread it on personal sites with different targets, developing a strong sources heterogeneity.

5. The regular growing of connections

In the rest of the world, and of course in Italy, the growth of number of connections is massive and data confirm it: “…more than 4 billion surfers and an increasing use of the web…” source: Nielsen Online, nov. 2007

6. Easy diffusion

For its own nature the internet is viral because a single content can be easily copied, linked from other web sources. This phenomenon creates a chain reaction that could cause serious damage to company image.

7. Channels molteplicity

Along with typical web channels, usually managed by organizations, the real match of Comany Reputation is played within informal web channels – forums, social networks, blogs, wikipedia.

8. Users’ interactivity

Thanks to Web 2.0 we now have a new idea of the web, much closer to user, able to develop dynamic sites using technologies that make surfing more interactive and involving. Surfers turn from information users to information creators and editors, thanks to web 2.0 new technologies.


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