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A set of services for online analysis and intervention

Reputation Manager offer for companies is a set of services supported by owned advanced technologies. We chose to focus on synergy between innovation and consultation because we think analysis and intervention are the most strategic steps in digital communication.

It is possible to custom services according to our clients’ needs: each service can be purchased individually or integrated with other solutions.

We can guide you to the best choice.

Social Media Monitoring

THE SERVICE. Analysis and monitoring of online reputation for brands, products and services on all web channels.  

MAIN FEATURES Social Media Monitoring
  • Multichannel analysis, no restriction on domains to check
  • Quantification of reputational risk, through a criticality index
  • Flexibility of conceptual models, full range of concepts to check
  • Detailed and regular reports
  • Consultation in interpreting analysis data and intervention strategies

Our analysis and monitoring services provide the opportunity of integrate specialized modules to areas of strategic interest for web communication:

  • Social Network Module: target analysis and monitoring of interactions on Groups and Fan Pages
  • Video Sharing Module: detection, analysis and monitoring of online videos watching
  • File Sharing Module: statistic analysis on file-sharing platforms
  • E-Commerce Module: brands and products transactions traceability  
  • SOOC: volumetric and statistic analysis of the whole web content

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Creazione Identità digitale

Reputational Engeneering

THE SERVICE. Building up online reputation and web identity through taylor made content creation in pages, channels and through seo actions.  

  • Reputational analysis, we make a first analysis of the situation to verify what the main keywords associated to the brand tell us about the brand itself.
  • Digital Identity creation, from the results of this analysis we can decide what kind of intervention is better for the client; it could be: seo actions to make less visible negative contents, creation of new channels to give a complete information, defining communication strategies and social network interactions, management of damaging contents.
  • Seo Positioning, to give a great visibility to brand new content on search engines.

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Crisis Management

Crisis Management

THE SERVICE. Planning and taking strategic action to handle critical situations for the brand, from monitoring to intervention on channel.  

  • Daily alerts, daily monitoring of all contents related to critical event, to measure how viral it is, reaction timing in users and to identify which channels to intervene in.
  • Complete reputational analysis, analysis of the whole on line reputation for brands, in order to understand how and if a critical event has damaged on line image.
  • Support in intervention stage, tips on communication models, timing, strategies and best channels for the type of intervention required.
  • Monitoring influencer, detection of the people who used the damaging content, spreading it in the internet and trying to create a dialogue action.

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Social Customer Analysis

Social CRM

THE SERVICE. Identifying targets within social pages and managing CRM through a web-based platform.  

  • Social Customer Analysis, identification and targeting of potential clients among users of your social pages.
  • CRM Social Apps, we create applications supporting your social CRM actions, such as polls that can help you understand habits and interests of your target clients.
  • CRM Management, a web-based platform to organize contacts with your clients according to the social actions taken and to trace their feedbacks.

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Social Influencer Identification

THE SERVICE. Identifying most popular users in web areas of interest for the brand, in order to star engagement actions or market researches.  

MAIN FEATURES Social Influencer
  • Social Influencer detections, we analyze all online contest of potential interest for the client. Detected channels are classified according to their importance and to the information flow that they produce daily. In this way we point at a specific area of contents and interactions, from which we will select Social Influencers.
  • Social Influencer Profiling , among active users of analyzes contests, we select and classify those who are able to: give detailed information during time, edit contents that are frequently shared by others and spread on to other channels, create around them a community of active users on a specific subject, be active in different kind of channels (social networks, videos, news channels…).
  • Social Influence Score, once gathered these information, we set a influence index (Social Influence Score) that gives the company a synthetic view of active subjects and gives the possibility to filter results according to most interesting features (presence on social media, content production, relationship net…).

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THE SERVICE. Identification of most active power users on social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) and creation of a contacts portfolio to use in engagement actions.  

  • Social Analytics, analysis of the whole social media universe related to the brand, not only official pages, but also the spontaneous ones, created by users in discussion groups.
  • User Centricità, detailed analysis of interaction and communication of social network users (how much and how they wrote about the brand; what brand initiatives made them react, what reasons/needs push them to interact in social networks) and appoint them a social influence score.
  • Azione: for each active user we set a details form with personal and contact data available for engagement initiatives (retention, sell, brand ambassador).

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Customer Care Online

THE SERVICE. CustomerCare2.0 is a sophisticated service for identification of questions and issues related to web customer care, born as an active support to traditional Client Service through innovation of systems for the whole CRM process.


An innovative software able to process thousands of web pages, identify and store interesting data, is linked to a managing platform that allow direct interaction and channel interventions planning.

  • Active intervention straight on the internet channel.
  • Foreseeing of impacts for call centres on certain issues.
  • Training support for operators in problem solving.
  • Mapping communication unconformities.
  • Integrated service with call centre service and creation of a single high sinergy framework.
  • Acquisition new FAQ from the net and update of the present ones.
  • Statistic analysis of cases, issues and open questions.

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Brand Protection

THE SERVICE. Brand Protection is a highly specialized service for the barnd protecrion in the internet and it is based on the automatic monitoring of on line contents, in order to identify cases of:

Tutela del brand on line
  • Counterfeit products
  • Illegal use of trademarks
  • Violation of copyright
  • Diffamazione

Diffusion of pirate software

  • Domain squatting, phishing
  • Reactivity, according to stimuli given by serach contest
  • Proactivity, automatic re-definition of areas of violation risk
  • Endurance, execution during time
  • Integrability, strategic interaction with data base given by legal office and strategic adapting of the analysis
  • Modularity, possibility of identifying risky cases in specific channels such as Social Networks and On line Videos
  • Flexibility, possibility of analysis of complex situations
  • Versatility, any contest of traced violation will be analyzed

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ISO9001 In 2014 Reputation Manager was certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 with no irregularities.

Reputation Manager S.r.l. has been founded by a group of IT professionals specialized in consulting and solutions, working since 2004 on Online Reputation and Web Intelligence projects.
Our goal is promote growth and development of business throught processes, management and technological innovations. Highly specialized in online reputation and brand monitoring Reputation Manager is the result of top grade specialization in issue related to reputation and measurements of impacts related to brands, products and services. We use and enforce most innovative technologies and pattern to deserve excellence and usability solutions. Many of the innovations are novelties for the italian panorama.

360° Experience in web 2.0 Execution of projects in different areas of the web 2.0: Reputational Analysis, collecting opinions, web analytics, CRM integration, B2C&B2B portals, SEO, SEM, ASP services, usability, users profiling, VOIP solutions integration.

Research & Development Research & Development is a primary goal in our mission. 30% of our resources work on reserach and development projects.

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