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Who’s your best fan?

Reputation Manager can identify and classify a list of  top social influencers.

With this service it is possible to set up an engagement strategy for the promotion of brands, products or services.

Social Analytics:

  • Official fanpages or accounts on social networks are  interaction platforms where people talk about the brand
  • Insights data are not enough to understand what people say about the company
  • The Company needs to take into consideration users’ ideas about the brands, services or products

The analysis of users’ conversations helps companies to find an answer to the following questions:

  • What users like or prefer about the brand
  • Why they talk to other web users
  • Why they don’t talk directly to the company               

User- Centered Analysis

  • Categorization of  the users’ attitude in the social network
  • Measurement of the volume of users’ activity
  • Measurement of the virality index of the users’ activity
  • Users identification by scores
    • Fan: he/she is active only in the institutional page
    • Fan+: he /she is active in several institutional pages or groups related to the brand
    • Fan++: he/she is active not only on the social network but in other web channel such as blog, video, forum, etc…

User-Centered Approach

  • Reputation Manager system is able to disclose to the company all the influencers’ characteristics
  • These information enables company to plan and manage marketing campaign strategies for:
    • Retention
    • Sales
    • Brand Ambassador


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ISO9001 In 2014 Reputation Manager was certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 with no irregularities.

Reputation Manager S.r.l. has been founded by a group of IT professionals specialized in consulting and solutions, working since 2004 on Online Reputation and Web Intelligence projects.
Our goal is promote growth and development of business throught processes, management and technological innovations. Highly specialized in online reputation and brand monitoring Reputation Manager is the result of top grade specialization in issue related to reputation and measurements of impacts related to brands, products and services. We use and enforce most innovative technologies and pattern to deserve excellence and usability solutions. Many of the innovations are novelties for the italian panorama.

360° Experience in web 2.0 Execution of projects in different areas of the web 2.0: Reputational Analysis, collecting opinions, web analytics, CRM integration, B2C&B2B portals, SEO, SEM, ASP services, usability, users profiling, VOIP solutions integration.

Research & Development Research & Development is a primary goal in our mission. 30% of our resources work on reserach and development projects.

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