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A path for innovation

Innovation is often perceived as a break from past schemes but actually what it really means is a sudden merge of ideas, experiences and know how. It’s not a jump but a path, a natural evolution of what is already there, potentially.

Just like Michelangelo said, the target of the artisti s not shaping but setting figures free from the stone in which they were trapped.

From this point of view, innovation is not a cost for a company, but its breath, the natural consequence of a Darwin process of adapting in a moving contest.

Innovating is the merge of aspirations and needs. In a world of globalization and competition, innovating is not just an option.

A creative process though is not created from improvisation or luck, but from great knowledge and dedication.

Research and development at excellence

Reputation Manager vince il Premio Nazionale per l'Innovazione 2011 con il progetto Brand Protection

Reputation Manager spends many sources in research and development as they both are the keys to high quality service level.

A proof of this there are many registered trademarks and specialistic methodologies, created to face and deal all internet peculiarities.

Innovating in such a dynamic area as web analysis is, is the main necessity to assure companies a proper service able to take out the most of this on line channel.

In 2006 we were the first brand with a multichannel approach and we had already added semantic analysis to video channels together with blogs, forums and other textual channels.

In 2007 Reputation Manager knoked over the “classical” approach in this area, creating innovative analysis techniques, methodologies and systems imported from finance and telecommunications areas.  

In 2008, first in Italy, we enriched our sevices with a vertical solution for analysing and managing Buzz Marketing (Buzz Manager), a brand new platform to fulfill concrete needs.

The active effort in research makes Reputation Manager the ideal partner for innovative experiments in web 2.0: we joined e-democracy projects and events, we ran researches on peer-to-peer contents, we developed specific models for social network analysis.

In 2009 and 2010 Reputation Manager added two more services: Customer Care 2.0 for the online management of customer service issues and Brand Protection for the protection of brands and trademarks against counterfeit and libel in the internet.  

In 2011 the team of Reputation Manager wins a famous and prestigious award: the National Award for Innovation, granted by President of Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, for the Brand Protection project.  

Reputation Manager was born in Italy in 2004 and today, after many years of concrete experience, presents itself with an outstanding technological maturity and a great offer in areas such as marketing, communication and market research.


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ISO9001 In 2014 Reputation Manager was certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 with no irregularities.

Reputation Manager S.r.l. has been founded by a group of IT professionals specialized in consulting and solutions, working since 2004 on Online Reputation and Web Intelligence projects.
Our goal is promote growth and development of business throught processes, management and technological innovations. Highly specialized in online reputation and brand monitoring Reputation Manager is the result of top grade specialization in issue related to reputation and measurements of impacts related to brands, products and services. We use and enforce most innovative technologies and pattern to deserve excellence and usability solutions. Many of the innovations are novelties for the italian panorama.

360° Experience in web 2.0 Execution of projects in different areas of the web 2.0: Reputational Analysis, collecting opinions, web analytics, CRM integration, B2C&B2B portals, SEO, SEM, ASP services, usability, users profiling, VOIP solutions integration.

Research & Development Research & Development is a primary goal in our mission. 30% of our resources work on reserach and development projects.

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